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"Insert cliche here"

If you are pro gay rights, does this mean you hate every straight person, and that you think it’s all their fault and gays should have more rights? No.

When you’re a feminist, it does not mean you hate men. It does not mean you think women are better, it is simply a matter of EQUALITY, which currently, does not exist. 

The same goes for men who call themselves feminists, I hear their peers telling them to “cut off their balls”. Again, if you’re pro gay rights, you wouldn’t be told to change your sexuality. 


Why thank you anonymous stranger, maybe we can go on a sort of treasure hunt or a roller coaster ride. 

The beginning feels so great.

It’s like the initial rush you get, once 40 minutes have passed after swallowing that small purple pill marked with an X. 

Dizzy, delightfully dizzy. A rush of absolute pleasure extending to every limb. A feeling of pure joy engulfing you. Warmth for those around you. Everything is so grand.

A hope and belief that the feeling will last forever. Oh if only it would. 

The end feels so awful.

Like the crash. A complete loss of appetite, where every forceful bite hurts. A need for isolation and companionship all at once. A sadness so deep.

But honey the crash won’t last forever. 

Blurring lights, sweat stains, beating drum and bass. Claustrophobic from the overwhelming smell of lust and cologne. Glassy eyed and dry mouthed.

"Nice to meet you, you’re beautiful, I love you. Won’t you please tell me your name?"